The One About #LIFEGOALS.

Last we chatted, I was in the throes of my yearly funk. I have exited for the most part. Progress.

Forcing myself to leave the house and be social is a big part of that. I’m also trying to go on more adventures. New experiences will hopefully spark more creativity and I can figure out how to harness my lunacy into something productive.

I’m pretty sure something in the comedy world is where I need to be—either as a writer or a performer of some kind. I’ve been creeping on all the late night show writers on Twitter lately and they appear to be my kind of people.

I took improv comedy classes last summer and auditioned for one of the local groups over the winter. I did terribly. I don’t think improv is my path. I over-thought everything and wasn’t able to just fearlessly jump into scenes.

As an experiment, I want to try standup comedy at an open mic in town soon. I won’t know if I can do it unless I just do it. I just want to go watch a few before I figure out if I have the balls to try. If anyone wants to join me in my research missions, please let me know. Adventures are more fun with friends.

One of the first times I remember someone telling me that I needed to be somewhere in entertainment was in Art History AP class in 10th grade. Mr. Lerch particularly enjoyed asking my opinions of modern art. I despise most of it and usually openly told him I thought it was garbage. If it’s a red canvas with a black dot on it, it’s not art. If my shitty artistic talents can counterfeit it, there’s no way it’s actually art. At one point, he announced: “Mizz Coopahhhh, someday you will have a TV show and I will be your guest stahhhh!” Mr. Lerch talked like that. Other Walnut Hills grads can verify this. He was fantastic. He’d definitely get to be a guest star.

In the meantime, I’m getting out of the house and attempting to have fun. I’ve been trying to take advantage of activities in town. I’ve been going on road trips. Ann Arbor and Columbus have already happened. Later this month I’m going to Knoxville. The weekend before Halloween I’m going to Chicago. Marge the Unlarge Yaris and I are in a committed relationship now. I love her.

I’ve also been considering adding more things to my YouTube channel or starting a new one altogether.

I’m not going to reactivate any of my dating apps anytime soon, but I’m going to start going through the annals of screenshots I have from over the years. I feel like they need to be discussed in a video. Because shit got so weird.

All I got right now are wishes and dreams. Time to make it happen. Hold me accountable, you assholes.


6 thoughts on “The One About #LIFEGOALS.

    1. YASS!! This is literally the best ever. I’m totally going to be one of those assholes who keeps you accountable to more regular posting. Because I need more humor and more Laura in my life.

      And let’s make sure to go see some stand up when you’re here next month!!


      1. Yes please. Harass me. Cuz I got shit to do and places to go!

        And yes! Chicago would definitely be the perfect place ever to do research. Let’s do it.

        I can’t wait to see your face.


  1. As soon as I read the part about the YouTube channel I was like YEP. More YouTube for sure. Ani watches YouTube more than TV or Netflix or anything else.


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