The One About Midget Jokes.

Tonight I went to an open mic night at a local comedy club to watch people attempt to be funny. Harsh, but accurate for the most part. Going into the evening, I steeled myself since I figured there’d be a chance that there would be at least one midget joke.

And sure enough, there was. He mused about how much midgets peed. That’s not even fucking funny, you ingrate.

The short-statured population is one minority that is still socially acceptable to make fun of. I don’t understand it. As a society, we shame those who make racial jokes and sexual orientation jokes, but it’s still okay to make fun of disabilities?

My other beef with midget jokes is that they’re cheap. They are cheap thoughtless jokes that get cheap laughs. It’s not even quality comedy. You are a bullshit hack.

I won’t let this deter me from my comedy research, however. I will continue. Even if I have to sit through crappy jokes.

This is a short blog post. It seemed appropriate.


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