The One About Dwarfism “Awareness”

October is Dwarfism Awareness Month. Several of you already know my opinion of this month. The rest of you will now find out. This my be unpopular with some of my LPA friends. Apologies. It’s probably time to discover that I’m actually an asshole.

When October started, my therapist asked how I was handling it. No lie. I have a yearly rant. I need to work on being less predictable.

My issues with this “awareness” month:

  1. The word “awareness”. It makes it sound like dwarfism is something everyone needs to be aware of lest they catch the horrible disease. No one will catch it. You’re born with it. This isn’t cancer or Zika. No one needs to be on fucking alert.
  2. Basically the only way everyone spreads “awareness” is through daily posted facts on Facebook. Sweet Jesus, your friends either have dwarfism or know you in real life and likely already know most of what you’re posting. You’re preaching to the choir. The inherent lazy person in me can’t compute your wasted effort.
  3. No. I don’t want a silicone “awareness” bracelet or a t-shirt. Most of us are just fucking short. It’s not a goddamned death sentence we need to advertise.

I won’t discount that education is important. People with dwarfism are frequently still treated as novelty and sub-human by the idiots of society. Your cute daily facts will never reach these people, unfortunately.

I obviously don’t have an alternate solution to this ridiculous awareness month. Just know I hate it and find it annoying.

My only dwarfism-related facts I will be sharing with you today: I snore like a freight train and I wipe my ass with a tool.

You’re welcome. I am the most benevolent of fact-sharers.


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