The One About a Wedding.

I haven’t blogged for a while. PERHAPS IT IS TIME TO AT LEAST WRITE SOMETHING.

My bestest friend of 18 years got married a few weekends ago in Michigan. It was a lovely wedding and I was so glad to be a part of it.

I was maid of honor and wrote a toast that I read at the reception. I’ve been given the okay to post it here 😉

This is the third draft of my toast. First draft was the brainstorming session and had far too much profanity to be appropriate. Second draft was a poem because why not. Turns out, I’m just a horrible hack of a wannabe Dr. Seuss. It was bad.

So here we are. Third draft. It is what it is.

Cathy and I met in 7th grade at Walnut Hills. We were 12. Shy, awkward, and had no idea who we were as people yet.

We were in the same science class and watched Mr. Jackson put himself to sleep on a daily basis. We also ate lunch together every day and did so throughout all six years of Walnut.

We studied in the library after school several days a week. She in her sweaters and matching hair bows, and me in my argyle sweater vests and skateboarding shoes. We were the epitome of cool for sure.

Over the years, neither of us have dated much. So when I started to hear about Blake, I knew it was a big deal. And when I met him for the first time when they came down to Cincinnati for a visit, I was positive. Blake brings Cathy out of her shell and totally gets her.

I met him and realized I didn’t have to worry if she was happy up yonder in the foreign land of Michigan where 50% of the drivers are deranged lunatics. I saw and knew she was happy with a guy who was worthy of her genuine, caring, loving heart.

So here’s to the Snow White who befriends all of the squirrels and birds off her balcony and the prince who continues to let her buy bags of birdseed at Costco.


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